Scams and Scammers Grows Fast

The life structure of an Internet scam is basic. They’re frequently simply conceivable enough to be accurate –yet ludicrous enough to stun –and hold components that incite a passionate response. As the most prominent informal community on the planet, Facebook is prolific ground for lies and scams, which swiftly go viral as individuals offer posts […]

Popular Apps on Iphones

Apps have become increasingly popular since the inception of smartphones. These apps allow smartphone users to access a wide variety of different entertainment, media, features and functions found on the Itunes market. Some apps come pre installed on the phone while others require the user to download them. Recently a brand new app has been […]

Facebook Fever

Almost all people that can use computers have their own Facebook account. In our age today, Facebook is considered not just an ordinary application but it can be considered as a part of our life being involved in our daily routine. And because of its demand, Facebook on cellphones become one of the greatest application […]

Facebook Has to Deal With a Lot of Unscrupulous People

Today Facebook our modern day best friend most of us confided with. Love quarrels, heart aches and happiness found their way to Facebook’s wall first thing every morning and last thing at night. Many pour all their life’s happy and sad moments in Facebook making statuses from saying thank you to shouting their perceived life […]