Online Games: Poker Players Wanted

Poker is an incredibly popular card game played all around the world. Online poker is an internet variation of Poker, that allows people to play with people all around the world. Online poker games can be played for free or for actual money, thanks to escrow systems set in place. Online poker provides people all […]

Worth the Wait

I still cannot forget the fun and interactive experience the last time I cast ‘fire hydra’ using my Diablo II Sorceress. The fun then fades away because of too many role-playing games popping out the market, stealing the spotlight to the infamous Diablo series. I thought that my days of adventure and sleepless nights hunting […]

Why Getting a Tablet Is Worth It

You have a trusty Smart phone and Laptop, so why should you buy a tablet? Your Smartphone can do a lot of things like function as a GPS, provide you with hundreds of applications, and not to mention call and text someone you love. Your laptop in the meantime is always with you for work, […]