Four Smartphone You Must Have

Telephones have really progressed since the early parts of the 20th century. Currently smartphones are the most popular model of phones. These smartphones can perform the same functions as a computer. Though there are dozens of different smartphones to choose from only four standout from the rest. Androids, Iphones, Windows Phone and Blackberry smartphones are […]

Google Releases New YouTube App for the Latest iOS Devices

Last month, Apple officially dropped the YouTube app for iOS devices after introducing the iOS 6 because of the expiration of their license. Now, Google announced that they will make their own app for iOS and they were successful in making the new YouTube app. This app can now be downloaded for the App Store […]

Why Am I Not Giving Up iPhone 4s Too Soon

The much awaited event happened last October 2nd in San Francisco, when Apple Inc. which is now being headed by Tim Cook, paraded iPhone 5. The sleek and gorgeous black iPhone is the latest of the sought after series of the mobile device that changed the course of the industry. I saw how my brother […]