Smart Bra from Microsoft

While everyone is all anticipating for the release of smart phones and smart watches, Microsoft is busy in creating and developing their smart bra.         Yes, that is right; it is part of the wearable technology and is targeting a big audience of women in the near future. Possible Use of Smart Bra According to […]

Being Both Winners: Microsoft VS Apple

From the first computing tools like abacus up to super thin laptops, there has never been a void time that these ‘friends’ become influential. These computing machines we now call computers grew with mankind. I also observed how those bulky desktops turned into flat screen monitors, from a single processer to multi-processor, from DOS operating […]

The Microsoft Surface Tab

Microsoft has made recognizable efforts to spice up the tablet war by making a tablet on its own. This is the new Microsoft Surface Tab, and was launched on the same day as Windows 8. Windows RT Surface Tab comes with a range of featured Windows environment and it of great use in daily office […]