Excellent Congas Drums Set at Guitar Center

Let you musical dreams come true with conga at guitarcenter.com. If you have been looking for a place where you can get the best drum sets that will enable you achieve your musical ambitions then Guitar Center has already done that for you and the remaining part is all yours. Make the right decision today […]

The Most Touching Gift Ever

Last February 12th was the most memorable day of my life. You see, that one day in history was my parent’s and of course, my birthday. My February 12 started as a normal day, it was as if nothing is so special, it was just me, with my dog Bonnie, in my apartment. As I […]

Be The Recording Star Of Your Own Right

Saturday, it is the most boring day of the week. My band mates and I were so bored of sleeping all day, munching everything we see on the fridge, watching all sorts and types of movies and composing our songs. We had no clue on what to do until our band’s drummer saw an ad […]