Smart Bra from Microsoft

While everyone is all anticipating for the release of smart phones and smart watches, Microsoft is busy in creating and developing their smart bra.         Yes, that is right; it is part of the wearable technology and is targeting a big audience of women in the near future. Possible Use of Smart Bra According to […]

Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Computers and technology in general has evolved rather quickly in the last 30 years. During this time the internet has grown extremely large and the capabilities of computers has surpassed previous expectations. With the technological advancements have come some awesome devices, that allow people to communicate and share information. Unfortunately, computers have also become more […]

Microsoft Office: Which Version Are You?

One of the most well known pieces of software is Microsoft Office. This software allows a user to access a variety of different programs and functions. These programs can help created different documents, flyers, spreadsheets, graphs, presentations and much more. This software can be used for both personal, business as well as scholastic purposes. Microsoft […]

Surviving the Tough Competition Between Businesses

Putting up your own business is a demanding pursuit. You need to work hard to make it work. You need to be accompanied by the right people to help you out. You also need the right tools to keep your business records protected just like the one you can acquire from Software security solution […]

The Era of Robots Nearing

With artificial intelligence getting more and more sophisticated as the days go by, several are curious if the world is already treading the era of robots – a period wherein labor workforce will be invaded by robots and displacements of humans will be prevalent. This set-up is quite an exaggeration at the moment. While we […]