The Book That Is Called Life

I’ve been reading books all the time that sometimes, I tend to admire every character in every novel and put myself in their shoes. It’s amazing how writers can reach out to their readers and just tug on their heartstrings and simply strum them with emotions. That’s what I feel in every book that I read and it amazing that people will just lose themselves in a book, melt into the words and become part of it.

In comparison, as the old saying “Life is like a book”, yes this is so true. Everyday, we are writing our own stories in a book that is called Life, filling its pages with unwritten words and portraying them. We are the author of our own book, writing own lives, writing our own plot. We are the hero of our own story and a whenever there’s a hero there are also villains.

We get to choose what character to play; the one who loves, the insensitive one, an obnoxious person that hid its kindness, the forgiving one, a witty happy go lucky, whatever character you want to play that is you. And let’s not forget that if there’s a hero there are also some people who’ll make your life miserable. You are the hero of your story and you get to choose who remains in your battle and who is likely to be killed in each passing chapter.