The Child within Me

Often times, a child has a dream. It may be a simple one, or something that their parents could not afford. In my case, the thought of going to Maryland, USA to enter the magical world of Disney comes at the top my wish list. It was my dream to be able to meet and greet my favourite Walt Disney character that I only see on TV.

Unfortunately, my parents are just ordinary government workers and they can’t afford to make my dreams come true when I was a kid. My dream was too expensive to ask for and I’m definitely aware about that. That is why at a very young age; I was able to condition myself that it’s only me who could make my dreams come true.

When I had my first job, I definitely worked hard and I spent less for my dreams’ reality. And after a few months, I had my dreams to reality. I was able to step foot at Disneyland-Hong Kong! Although it wasn’t the Disneyland in the US, it was enough for me. I could never really ask for more.