The Era of Robots Nearing

With artificial intelligence getting more and more sophisticated as the days go by, several are curious if the world is already treading the era of robots – a period wherein labor workforce will be invaded by robots and displacements of humans will be prevalent. This set-up is quite an exaggeration at the moment. While we are seeing the likes of IBM Watson becoming a big hit in financial and healthcare industries and that Siri made Apple the undisputed champion in the age of smartphones, pundits do not see complete migration to production automation anytime soon.

At the moment, the military scientists are looking at using the robots to benefit human soldiers. Instead of sending trained divers and whales to recover mines from beneath the ocean, the authorities have developed robots to reach depths and collect toxic and explosive samples. The Japanese government utilized robots to clean up the Fukushima power plant that was severely damaged because of the devastating earthquake that struck the country in 2011.