The Most Touching Gift Ever

Last February 12th was the most memorable day of my life. You see, that one day in history was my parent’s and of course, my birthday. My February 12 started as a normal day, it was as if nothing is so special, it was just me, with my dog Bonnie, in my apartment. As I was cooking for breakfast, mom called and invited me for their anniversary. Because I love them enough to hesitate, I said yes. I went to the place where my parents are, ate dinner, had some real talk and ended with smiles on our face.

When I got inside my apartment, I saw a package on my bed. It was the most touching gift I had ever received from someone, I read the note attached in the box of the gift, it said “I knew you wanted this so much, so I got your dream les paul studio at music123 for your birthday. -mom.”