The Rant about Game of Thrones Season 2

Now as you know season one ended with quit a nail bitter didn’t it? Seeing that they killed some main characters and leaving you asking “why the hell did they do that?” you can thank Mr. Martin for that because it is his book their using. But hey, there are many more characters to be killed this season. Oh and some characters in season 1 will have new actors playing them for ex. Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain, you know the guy who chopped off his own horse’s head? And there will be new characters to be introduced of course which are played by very renowned actors, if you don’t like the castings it is for you to decide, but I for one like the choice for Melisandre the red priestess ( oh yeah they really got that right).

Game of Thrones Season 2

Now for the story, season one ended with Daenerys Targaryen burning alongside her lover Khal Drogo, and emerging unscathed, and three tinny dragons emerged with her. Boy was that something huh? Now she must make her own exodus out of the badlands and away from the other Khals who are after her. And over at Westeros, the war between the Starks and the Lanisters continue to escalate but there will be other factions joining the chaos, one is King Stannis Baratheon the other brother of the late King Robert Baratheon, who himself is claiming the IRON THRONE, oh what a surprise I sure didn’t see that coming. And the father of Theon Greyjoy “Balon Grey joy” oh and guess what he too wants to be king but only in Iron Islands so he could reclaim its former glory, by any means possible. And let’s not forget about our beloved bastard Jon Snow who is way up in the north serving the Order of the Nights Watch. He will soon have a very active role now in the story, no more of that EMO stuff with him.

I truly recommend fans of the book or the show to watch it and if you can please try not to compare the book and the TV series. It’s a TV show! They can’t cram every single line and scenarios in a 10 episode show! So just shut up you nerd! And to those who hate the so called nerds… they can’t help it if they read the book! Their fans and some are quite fanatical about it; it’s because the book is that great! And why don’t you try getting a copy of the book or borrowing one and read it!