The Unexpected Freebies

One of the first tourist spot that I went to in Hong Kong was the mountain with the Big Buddha. The moment when our bus arrived at the vicinity of the Buddhist Temple, I was really awed with the sight of such giant structure on top of the mountain. However, to have a closer look and to get inside the big Buddha, we have to buy a ticket that costs around 28HKD and climb a super long staircase (a, more or less, 500-steps stair case). And so we were able to climb up to the Buddha and see the view from the top. And the effort of climbing was worth it—the view is simply MAJESTIC!

After thirty minutes or so of enjoying our stay at the vicinity of the giant Buddha, we decided to head down again. When we arrived at the gate as we head outside, the girl at the ticket booth told us that we can claim our free snacks at the temple’s canteen. What a surprise! After burning all that calories, we were rewarded with something to munch. We got stir-fried noodles, a serve of their authentic dessert and a bottle of water. And we got all of it for free!