TID Book 2: Clockwork Prince

This is the 2nd book of Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices Trilogy. In the 1st book Tessa Gray had known that she’s nothing like ordinary and the Magister wants her. But he escaped and he’s hiding, although his clockwork creatures are still there to cause destruction among Nephilims. In book two The London Institute head, Charlotte Branwell is being replaced from her position if she’s not able to track the Magister’s location. If this is going to happen, Tessa might be sleeping in the streets because Charlotte is been kind enough to keep her knowing that the Magister is going to make her as a weapon against the Nephilims.

Clockwork Prince

What can I tell you about this 2nd book except that it was a page turner; I really enjoyed this book compared to the 1st one. Not that the first one is not that it’s horrible but in this book I have come to understand the characters, and you’ll really feel their love and pain. Will was such an obnoxious person and just wants everyone around him hate him. It’s because he was cursed by a demon and that everyone that loves him will die, and that’s why he’s been all but nasty especially Tessa because he loves her, but he learned that the curse was a lie. I have come to know Jem’s character as well, that he is kind and gentle but he also has that stubbornness in him when it comes to Tessa and Will. I feel bad for him because he’s dying slowly because of the Yin Fen, a demon drug that he takes to slow down his death but not likely to cure him. Tessa’s brother Nathaniel married Jessamine to get her to spy for him so that the Magister will take him back, in this book we have come to learn about the Magister’s past, that he hated the Nephilim for what had happened to his parents.

This book was amazing, truly I was hooked with the characters and I have grown to love each one of them. The Will-Tessa, Jem-Tessa, Will-Jem, pairing is driving me insane; I really could not get enough of these pairings. While I was reading this I was literally giggling, screaming and cussing because Tessa has Will and Jem that she adores and I hate her because she gets to be steamy with both guys(lol).How selfish can Tessa be, but I don’t blame her for loving two guys. If I were her I would go mad, the situation is utterly tormenting. This book offers love, mystery, and sacrifice, not to mention sexual provocation. I am very curious to how the series will end although I already have dreading theories but I’ll just see what happens in the final book.