TMI: City Of Ashes Spoiler

In the previous book I was surprise about learning that Clary and Jace are siblings, I could not flip the pages any faster and the last chapter hit be like boom! This is not happening, they can’t be siblings, and I can’t accept that.

In the second book Clary and Jace struggled with their feelings for each other. They try to suppress it because clearly brothers and sisters should not have that kind of relationship. What the heck and I really liked the chemistry of the two. In this book Valentine has taken hold of the mortal cup and the mortal sword he wants to create an army of downworlders to attack the Clave. Clary and Jace had learned about their new gifts, powers that are different from other shadow hunters. Simon here, got turned into a vampire and guess what he won’t burn into ashes after sunrise because he drank Jace’s blood. This book is pretty much intense plus Valentine escaping again.

So much had happened in this book and I love the humor and sarcasm in the character, not to mention Alec and Magnus’ odd relationship. I’m completely drawn to this book and I can’t wait to read and know what will happen in the third one.