Under the Sun and Above the Sands

Powder white sand, clear blue waters and different kind of water sports and activities everywhere—this is what Boracay is very much known for. And this is the reason why tourists, local and international alike, can’t resist visiting this place.

I am undeniably NOT a beach person. I don’t crave for beaches because I really don’t like to get more tanned (because I’m born to be naturally tanned..haha!). However, despite of that character of mine, I wasn’t able to resist a friend/officemate of mine who invited me to celebrate my post birthday celebration at Boracay.

And so I went to Boracay with my officemates and with their families. And all I can say is: I had no regrets! The place itself is a majestic view and the beach is just one of a kind. After that trip, I recommended it to my friends and I told myself that the next time I’m going back to that place, I’m going with someone I love.