Up 3D Pixar Movie

If you have not seen the movie UP of Pixar Animation Studios, you must be living under a big rock. It is one. The highlight of the tale is everything. The story-telling is impeccable: from the time that Ellie came across Carl Fredricksen, a boy who idolizes a famed explorer who has not gone back to civilization after a dangerous expedition in South America. They went on to become friends, lovers and eventually got married. Time flies and they both map out a dream of going together to this “Paradise Falls”. Ellie died and the narration of their marriage life to Ellie’s death was perhaps the most tear-jerking 2 minutes of any animated movie created.

What Up made me realize is that it is never too late to make a dream come true. No matter what age you are, the only thing you’d need is the courage to pursue it. Neither youth, nor money. But, there will always be a time for sacrifice and selflessness. A time to be a hero in your own little way.