Weekends with my Popcorn and Old Hollywood

I wanted to decorate my bedroom in the most coziest of designs to date. It would mean a lot if my sheets were branded and my pillows and cushions from foambymail. It will ease the workload everyday if I come home to something so welcoming and relaxing. My sweet retreat from the noisy world of real estate. As the division sales manager, it is always busy. Always chaotic. Agents would be fighting over a listing. I know I should not call it petty, I used to be one of them until they promoted me to manager. So I should be one. Manage the team so there won’t be any squabbles.

It means so much to come home to a relaxing place where I am queen. Small and cramped it may seem, but its mine. My small oasis of pillows and soft sheets and cushions. Surround sound and my own Home theatre. Weekends are popcorns and old movies when life was simple and black and white.