What’s With The Windows 8?

Recently almost all of our PCs broke down. We called for our technician for a look see. He said we need to revamp our PCs. The installed programs that we have uninstalled have never left our PCs system after all. They are there to stay if we don’t revamp our PCs. So we brought the PCs to his place. Entering the door with two laptops in hands my daughter squealed with excitement. The laptop on the receptionist’s desk displays a Windows 8 desk top.

She then launches into questions and answer portion about the novelty of the most recent Microsoft wonder baby. When our technician started on his works with our PCs she sidled alongside the table and said with an almost whispery tone can my laptop carry Windows 8? The technician granted her wish and reformatted her laptop with the Windows 8 she so wanted. The joy she shares on the wonders of the Windows 8 in easy maneuverability was contagious we were also wondering if our PCs could handle the same Windows 8 too? I can view messages notifications from friends and acquaintances without opening the application first.