When the Cat’s Away: Having a Great Time Without Your Partner

Due to the many differences between men and women whether in approaches to problems, personalities and emotions, our interests and concepts of fun, couples often miss certain activities they used to enjoy before becoming “an item”. Seize the opportunity if your wife is going out with her girlfriends or, even better, traveling on a business trip for a few days, here are the things you might want to do while the cat’s away.

  1. Hang out with your friends and play video games
  2. Shoot hoops at a nearby basketball court
  3. Have a beer drinking contest at your favorite bar
  4. Watch sports match
  5. Play poker and smoke cigars
  6. Have a marathon of your favorite movie, whether it’s Star Wars or Die Hard
  7. Be a wingman for your closest single friend (without hooking up)
  8. Spend a day in your underwear without grooming
  9. Leave the dishes in the sink for an entire day

Have fun and let out all that energy. She’ll be happy you’re doing it while she’s away.