Why Am I Not Giving Up iPhone 4s Too Soon

The much awaited event happened last October 2nd in San Francisco, when Apple Inc. which is now being headed by Tim Cook, paraded iPhone 5. The sleek and gorgeous black iPhone is the latest of the sought after series of the mobile device that changed the course of the industry. I saw how my brother drools as we watched how intricately iPhone 5 was created, its powerful camera, the size and its highly improved touch technology. However, it is quite too soon for me to trade my iPhone 4s for the fifth edition.

I have not encountered any major issues with my iPhone 4s, except for the difficulty or removing the Otter Box casing every now and then to clean it up. I still have my apps looking pretty good even when I updated to iOS 6. I am not a big fan of Siri. So, I don’t care if the virtual assistant improved. Precision of display is all good. The touch technology is working fine. I am just not ready to give it up yet for an iPhone 5 that cost a fortune.