Why iPhone is Not the Only Competition

Apple released the iPhone 5 late last year and most people, especially Apple enthusiast thought that this would put an end to the Smartphone wars. Reality check, though the iPhone 5 is a cool phone that most people would kill to have, it is not the best out there, but just one of them. This is where Samsung SIII, Nokia Lumia, and Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD come in.

The iPhone 5 is an improvement from the previous units, but the other competitors promise even better features. The Nokia Lumia for example released a unit that can be charged wirelessly. How cool is that eh? You can simply relax and charge sans the irritating cord. The Samsung SIII in the meantime is bigger, clearer, and packs a lot of punch. No wonder the Koreans are getting rich. Last on the list is the newest Motorola Droid, it boasts of 21 hours talk time. As you can see Apple has some fierce competition so they should not slack off and declare that they are the winner just yet.