Workplace: My Second Home

For most hours of the week, I spend most of my sober hours at the office. My call time is seven in the morning and I go home at exactly five o’clock in the afternoon. For five days, that would be tantamount to more or less fifty-five hours at the office. I eat breakfast and lunch at the office.

Now, if things get busy and the peak season comes in, I report at seven in the morning (still) and work until eight in the evening. During over time season I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the office. And if I’d do that for five days straight, that would mean I spent more or less seventy hours at the office. Essentially, my workplace can be considered my second home.

And for me to feel like it’s really like home, I would always keep my work station as tidy as possible. Albeit, with the kind of work I’m in, papers here and there are really inevitable. Nevertheless, it still feels like home as long as it’s tidy and arranged.