Worth the Wait

I still cannot forget the fun and interactive experience the last time I cast ‘fire hydra’ using my Diablo II Sorceress. The fun then fades away because of too many role-playing games popping out the market, stealing the spotlight to the infamous Diablo series. I thought that my days of adventure and sleepless nights hunting Diablo are over until Blizzard finally releases Diablo III.

With its new interactive gaming experience, Diablo III once again brings warmth to the cold hearts of Diablo series fans. I have never expected that the game would be that good. New characters, skills, and high-definition graphics are the primary offers of the game that surely trashes the old Diablo II. It surely brings back the old days being a part of the hype when Diablo III was first released.

Copies being sold out on different outlet stores and gaming areas is the primary wave after the shock caused by its release. Unlike Diablo II, I can now play my character in the World Wide Web just like any other MMORPG. This time, I’ve got no problem completing my armour set because I can trade with any other players all over the world.

Considering the developing time of Diablo III after Diablo II enters the market, I can say that it surely take Blizzard so long to quench and thirst of fans like me. But nevertheless, it is worth the wait.